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Data Privacy Statement

This statement outlines how we store and use the information you provide us, to ensure we comply with data protection laws and our own AkzoNobel Privacy Policy. We note that this statement may be changed over time and advise to regularly read this statement for possible changes.

By submitting personal data onto this site you confirm that you have read this statement and understood how your data will be used and stored and possibly transferred, and you consent to it being processed in the manner described in this statement.

This e-recruitment site is operated by Akzo Nobel Netherlands N.V. and its respective global Group Companies offering jobs at this site (“AkzoNobel"), to process data for recruitment purposes. AkzoNobel will store the data in the Netherlands for AkzoNobel to access and process. 

How and for what purposes do we process your data?
Any personal data that you provide us on this site will be collected and processed in accordance with data protection laws and the AkzoNobel Privacy Policy, and will be used by AkzoNobel for the purpose of (i) collecting and processing your application for the specific employment position within AkzoNobel that you have applied for, (ii) matching your details with any of the other current or future employment positions within AkzoNobel and (iii) informing you of such positions. If the nature of the employment position so requires (e.g. in case of an international or higher management position), this may mean that your data is passed to countries outside of the EU, some of which may not provide for an adequate level of protection of personal data. Please note that AkzoNobel has taken organisational and contractual measures to adequately safeguard your data. 

Who has access to your data?
Only AkzoNobel recruiters, HR professionals and HR assistants of AkzoNobel will have (online) access to your data. Your personal data will be used solely by AkzoNobel and will not be sold to, or shared with, third parties and only disclosed to third parties as referred to in this statement. 

Please note that your data may be accessed by third party IT vendors who service our IT systems and who may have access to the data where needed to provide its services. AkzoNobel requires such companies to adequately safeguard your personal data and not use it for any unauthorized purposes. This applies also to the services provided by our Corporate IT Department.

Accuracy of data
By submitting personal data you are declaring to AkzoNobel that you have provided personal data which is in all respects true, accurate and up to date and is not, in any respect, misleading, deceptive or inaccurate or likely to mislead or deceive.

We encourage you to inform AkzoNobel in the event that any of the information you have provided is no longer accurate or up to date during the period in which AkzoNobel retains your personal data (as noted below). To do this you should log into your profile and update or remove your data accordingly. 

How long will AkzoNobel keep your data?
AkzoNobel keeps personal data of candidates applying for jobs within the United States for a period of 24 months. AkzoNobel will retain the data of candidates applying for a job in other parts of the world for a period of 12 months from the date your application is submitted on line and/or the date you register for job alerts and/or the date you register your interest in being part of AkzoNobel’s talent pool. We may match your details to any future suitable vacancies that may arise. If you do not wish us to retain your data for this length of time, or you do not want us to match your details to any other suitable vacancies within AkzoNobel then please advise AkzoNobel in writing at the address mentioned below. 

References and pre-employment screenings
If required for the employment position, we may also obtain references from third parties and carry out pre-employment screenings using a third party agency. Such requirements will be listed in the relevant job vacancy description. We will notify you in advance when we intend to do this, and who we intend to contact. 

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User ID and passwords
In the event that you are provided with a user id and/or password by AkzoNobel, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of that user id and/or password at all times. You must immediately notify AkzoNobel of any unauthorized use or suspected unauthorized use of your user id and/or password at the address mentioned below.

How do we secure your data?
AkzoNobel believes that security of data is paramount and has used industry standard security measures. This means that your Account Information is password-protected for your own privacy and security. Data transmissions are protected by industry-standard SSL-encryption.
By clicking the “I accept” button below you confirm that you have understood and agreed to the matters set out in this statement and declare that the information in your online application is accurate and true. By clicking the “I accept” button you also consent to (i) how your data is stored and processed, (ii) the data retention periods set out above and, if applicable, (iii) the transfer of your data to countries outside the EU, (iv) verify references in your application and (v) make any pre-employment screenings set out in the job vacancy description. Please note you may withdraw the consent at any time by writing to the address mentioned below.

July 2013

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