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Promoting wellbeing and preventing harm

The health, safety and environment (HSE) policy of AkzoNobel is based on our core principles of safety, integrity and sustainability.

The company operates common processes for people, process and product safety to fulfill and, where appropriate, go beyond compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We conduct our business activities within a common company framework of HSE Directives, Rules, Manuals and Guidelines to promote the wellbeing of our customers, employees, contractors, the public, other stakeholders and the environment and to prevent injuries, waste and harm. The HSE Directive requires all business units and functions to implement an effective and auditable HSE management system, to report maturity and performance and to make and implement plans for continuous improvement in all aspects of HSE, including people, process and product safety.

This policy applies to AkzoNobel and its subsidiaries worldwide. This policy is also applicable to those joint ventures in which AkzoNobel has majority shares and therefore full control and responsibility for operations.

Approved by the Executive Committee July 17, 2014